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Unitas JSC offers a competitive market leading freight rates with full operational services. Our comprehensive range of Freight services for export and import worldwide includes ‘consolidations’, ‘door to door’ and ‘door to port’ services.

We commit to bring low cost, trackable, and bespoke services to meet the demands of speed and reliability for every size of your business.

Air freight: While Unitas Logistics provides some of the best Air Freight rates to our customers, we do not rest on our laurels. We are constantly adding new services to our offerings through find new solutions and routes to adapt to constantly changing global conditions.

Our strong reputation with the carriers allow us to constantly offer time and condition sensitive charter routes and products to our customers, many of whom are global players. 

Sea freight:  We simplify the logistics management for customers by providing inclusive services that can help customers save time and costs.

We are fully capable to handle all kinds of containers from Vietnam to all over the world and back. 

Trucking:  Our extensive partnership with trucking service providers with a wide selection of trucks gives us access to attractive rates and the ability to provide both domestic distribution to any areas in Vietnam, from Vietnam to China as well as from major European hubs to the rest of Europe.


Unitas adds convenience to your cargo shipping with a range of options you can request in addition to our basic service (at terminal, warehouse,..)


We specialize in time-sensitive customs clearance and collections of ecommerce and cross borders volumes. Clearing customs is a process. We provide a digital version of each document, and status updates on demand, so the customer is informed at all times.

Our outbound and inbound cargo customs declaration team has over 20 years of experience and are able to provide a consistently professional service as well as valuable advice on the best processes. We operate around the clock with a singular goal: customer satisfaction.